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You can also fake what operating system you're running if the site demands You can spoof all versions of Internet Explorer; macOS and.

CalvaryBand wrote: I'm pretty sure there will still be a huge demand for them long after all the bitter Creamware Elektra users have died out. There is an open source editor project going on. I did not test it yet myself I have a dusty micromodular but I was very excited to see it actually exists, and should run on macosX http: It is a pity Clavia didn't see fit to release the editor code once discontinued.

Its not like it contained DSP secrets. Just me. If you aren't drinking Apple Kool-aid it will work fine. The software works on all of my Windows PCs and laptops. Best built synth I have ever owned - they will live forever its such a shame that path of development came to a close, but then again look where it led us! If you want longevity, go with the G1 and a Windows machine. First, because the G1 communication is based on MIDI, a protocol that will be supported for at least another 25 years.

Second, because unlike Apple, Microsoft updates their OS with backwards compatibility on their mind sometimes at the expense of something else. The G1 editor runs perfectly fine on a Windows 7 machine and will probably keep working with future versions. And third, because someone's already made an open source editor for the G1, which means future support is not in the hands of Clavia anymore.

In contrast, the G2 uses an USB connection which requires a special driver, which may or may not work with future oeprating systems. The G2 editor currently runs fine under Vista and 7 so I'm not worried about software compatibility for the next 10 years XP is already 10 years old. If I ever find a Nord G1 for a decent price, I will grab it. I should have never sold my micro.

People the Dutch synth forum still sell micromodulars for around euros Matos wrote: I used to have a G1 and a G2 and sold both of them because I feared they would become obsoleted. Wish I hadn't. Whenever I see one for sale I lust heavy but just don't have the cash. I had a G1 come into the house last week for a almost trade deal - I just didn't have good things to trade.

I always wondered why the G2 Demo program wasn't fleshed out to be a true program with multi-outs and more modules. They could sell that for sure.

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The current demo will output CVs through audio interfaces like Silent Way and it is free. I would pay for more than stereo outs. I know it will probably fall on deaf ears but will anyway. Everyone going to NAMM should also. This was before they updated it the last time and made it work for OSX. I've found using the Nord G1 software on newer machines works better on some midi interfaces over others. It always has run but after a time will lose connnection with the G1 midi.

Luckily it ran on my newer WIn7 64 machine and hasn't frozen during extended uses with the midi on my RME firewire interface. Best to make it run lean as well; turn of animations.

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I'd buy it. The coolest thing that they could do, but of course never will, would be to make a modular version. I often thought of doing that to a G1 since all the programmable pots on the front panel are just voltage dividers just waiting to be replaced with vactrols. I would waste some serious HP space in my Eurorack for something like that. Unfortunately Clavia has shown by its current products that mainstream music is now its target audience and we "fringe" electronic music people are really not on their radars anymore.

The G1 has regular pots not encoders so shouldn't be hard to add jacks for CV control.

As for solving the legacy issue with the editor, a virtualization of a current PC might do the trick. That is stick an old XP installation into a virtual machine and fire that baby up whenever you want to edit stuff on the Nord.

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That should at least handle that part but I don't know if there's any DAW integration on the things. You'd be able to get rid of aging computer hardware however. I have an XP virtual machine on my computer that can run the editor VMware fusion but for whatever reason it doesnt detect my midi interface.

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NM Editor runs just fine on Win7 in Parallels here. Midisport UNO interface. Bulletproof stability. I resinstalled my G1 Rack last week, but was not able to get any midiconnection on my 3 PCs. The old Music PC has no audiointerface installed at all. Got the RME multiface not to work , and the old Laptop from Scaff who has the Multiface working isn't detecting the midiports i hardly wish to reinstall my NM1.

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Nord modular finally the fault is on my side, but live with the NM1 is hard. We should totally start a rumor that it's impossible to edit the G1 now so that the prices drop on them. Anyone had any luck with Nomad on OSX Originally was working with Then updated to Tried to get nomad working to very little success. Java wasn't playing nice. The work was published as an academic paper in Finland last June, authored by three Russian engineers — one of whom works on nuclear physics research, no less.

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  7. But I digress. Petersburg, had a terrific idea. They chose to simulate the behavior of the Nord Modular G2 synth itself, and translate its patch files into use as Csound — the powerful, elegant free software that has a lineage to the first computer synth. The upshot: And the graphical editor that lets you create Nord Modular patches just became a peculiar Nord-specific editor for Csound. Then give it a go — all you need is a machine that runs Python and copy-paste a couple of lines of code:. Nord say they have no plans to bring back the hardware, but check the updates software on their site:.