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You can also fake what operating system you're running if the site demands You can spoof all versions of Internet Explorer; macOS and.

Check the Analysis ToolPak Add-In in Excel 2003 [VBA Code]

Rank and percentile. Chi-square test. Cochran's Q Test. Regression Analysis Multivariate linear regression. Logistic regression. Stepwise forward and backward regression. Polynomial regression. Cox proportional-hazards regression. Moving average. Interrupted time series analysis. Fourier analysis. Data processing - mean removal, differencing, exponential smoothing. Survival Analysis Cox proportional-hazards regression. Probit-analysis Finney and MLS algorithms with cumulation coefficient estimation. Used for LD50 ED50 calculation. Data Processing Sampling random, periodic, conditional.

Random numbers generation. Matrix operations. Statistical Charts Histogram, scatterplot, box-plot. Control charts: Tutorials Find out how to use StatPlus: Does Solver appear on the list of addins when you choose AddIns from the Tools menu? Is Solver checked? I am experiencing the same issue. The Solver add-in is also checked. Priyanka, Do you get the compile error when you use the Real Statistics Descriptive Statistics and Normality data analysis tool? I installed Real Statistics for Mac Excel and am getting the password prompt.

What should I do? Could you help me out with that? When you choose AddIns from the Tools menu, you should see RealStats and Solver on the list of addins with check marks next to them. Could you assist? Thank you. Simin, It is not sufficient to just download the software. You need to follow the Installation instructions on this webpage as well.

Followed the instructions for MAC. Simin, Can you get access to the Real Statistics data analysis tools by pressing Control-m? I love this add-in. I use it to teach statistic to undergrad students. It worked for a while but then it suddenly stopped. It only shows the downwards arrow but nothing appears when you click on it. I tried to uninstall and re-install. I tried copying and pasting in another folder as well. Could it be an update on MS office?

Any suggestions on how I can solve this? What seems to works for some people is the following procedure: I am having the same issue that several users are reporting: But if I close the workbook or quit Excel it will not work.

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So each time I have to disable the Add-In, then re-open the sheet, re-enable the Add-In, then it works. On my other Mac it works no problem. I hope this helps people that are having similar issues. Jonathan, Glad you like the software. When you select AddIns from the Tools menu, do you see Solver on the list of addins with a check mark next to it?

I just got this working on my mac and i was trying to run a Binary Logistic regression and it returns a hidden error. Does this function not work for Macs? Ryan, Binary logistic regression should work for a Mac. If you send me an Excel file with your data ans the output, I will try to figure out what happened. Please help me. Ammie, The usual reason for this error is that the installation process was not completed properly see Installation instructions. When you select the AddIns option from the Tools menu, do you see Realstats and Solver on the list of addins with a check mark next to each of them?

Thanks for sharing your work. I have two questions: Second, how do I cite your work in scientific publications? Thanks in advance for your answers Mat. Mat, 1.

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Regarding the request for a password, see Password Prompt 2. Regarding citation, see Citation Charles. For some reason the tool icon is not visible or accessible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This is urgent as I need to be able to use this for my Analytics course final exam. There is no icon. Once you install Real Statistics you use its worksheet functions just like any other Excel function. You can access the Real Statistics data analysis tools by pressing Ctrl-m. I installed the following version: I have excel for mac. Yesterday, I could get the version working just fine with the anova test on my data. However, this morning when I tried to open the workbook I kept getting all types of compatibility errors Compile error in hidden module: I noticed others have had similar issues with the tool using mac Is there a way to fix this and get the tool running again?

Clara, I have no idea why the program would work fine one day and a day later the same program would generate errors. Is there anything that changed from day 1 to day 2? I follow the instructions for installing the package on a Mac. The dialog box that opens when you select Real Statistics is too tiny for me to read.

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Any suggestions? Bill, Sorry, but the Mac implementation of Excel uses tiny dialog boxes. Which version of the Mac software are you using: Excel or Excel ? What do you see when you enter the following formula? Thank you for your help! I am quite excited to run a logistic but am unable to access the software. I am using a Mac version and after spending countless hours downloading and installing, I have given up. I expected a tab to pop-up and tried to find it under the standard data analysis pack. If so, then make sure there is a check mark next to both of these and press OK. After completing this process make sure that Solver and RealStats Mac are on the list of addins with check marks next to them.

You can now use the software by pressing Ctrl-m. You will know that things are working properly when a dialog box appears after pressing Ctrl-m. I have downloaded and followed the steps exactly as listed but excel will not let me use your real statistics resource pack. I am not sure if that is a problem or not.

Anyways, I then try to reinstall them and follow the instructions word for word. I have the realstats pack selected, the data analysis selected and the excel solver selected as add ins under the tool tab, but only the latter two show up in the upper corner of excel to be used. Sorry, I scrolled through all these comments and I realize this is a sort of repeat question, but I am hoping to get some specific advice. Max, 1. How is this communicated to you? If it is an error message, what does the message say?

When you install Real Statistics, are you able to press the key sequence Ctrl-m? If so what do you see? What version of Real Statistics are you using? The one for Excel or Excel ? When you unintall Real Statistics, you say that the real stat packs are still listed among the addins. You use the plural word packs; are you trying to install more than one version? If so, what happens when you install only one of the versions? If you then delete the file containing the addin, when you try to check the corresponding addin you will receive an error message prompting you as to whether you want to delete the addin from the list.

If you say yes, then the addin will be removed from the list of addins. Dear Charles, i followed all the instructions and also all the comments you gave to the other.. I created a folder into the office folder in my mac. Then I installed the add-in as described. I was trying using it with the same example you posted in the page. And then I realised I have some problem.. I would appreciate. Maby thanks and best regards.

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Marco B. Marco, Please see the following webpage: Password Prompt Charles. Are you using Excel ? If so, you need to install the Excel version of Real Statistics instead of the version. When you select AddIns from the Tools menu, do you see RealStats on the list with a check mark next to it? Do you see Solver on the list with a check mark next to it? Where can I find it pls? Uwe, It should be accessible from the AddIns ribbon, but I am not sure whether this feature is working on the Mac. In any case, it is always available by pressing Ctrl-m. I apologize for writing again but I could not find my previous post.

I have Excel on a Mac. I have repeated the installation instructions several times but to no avail. Other than downloading the Add-In and moving it to the desired location, is there anything else I need to do before including it in the installed Add-Ins in Excel? This worked fine the last time I tried it a few weeks ago. In any case, the following approach resolved the problem for me. I suggest that you try it. Next I closed Excel and then reopened Excel on a new workbook 3. When I tried to use the Descriptive Statistics data analysis tool this time, it worked fine.

I had the same issue. I then decided to install the previous version Release 3. This seems to work fine. Jun 26, Messages: So I just recently had Microsoft Office installed for my mac. I have some statistics hw and need the data analysis toolpack but excel no longer comes with any add ins. Does anyone know any way to get this feature? Preferably in a cost effective manner Thanks in advance. RocketDonut Contributing Member. Jan 7, Messages: Maybe this? Just installed that actually. Took a couple minutes to figure out but got the job done.