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You can also fake what operating system you're running if the site demands You can spoof all versions of Internet Explorer; macOS and.

Notify me of new comments via email. This issue is around the fact the Lync client policy is set for do the following on the address book download — filedownloadwebsearch do a get-csclientpolicy in powershell The Lync for mac does try and attempts to do the file download but errors within itself and stops trying to do anything else, and it fails to even try to use the web search option.

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Lync and Mavericks Integration

Like this: Like Loading Hello Korbyn No real reason apart from the example.. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here AlgirdasR https: I found the following article helped with understanding the possible work-around of using WebSearchOnly:. Any network utilisation or IO issues on the Comms server? Luckily we are able to grab the files usually and so I have had success with just copying over the 2 missing files:. From a known good directory This will only allow you to see a copy of the GalContacts. I've just had a thought on how you might be able to get round this I've not tried this, but what you could try is test the.

For those of you having made the change to the global policy, is there a noticeable lag in looking up contacts? Any noticeable increase in server lag? No perceived lag from any Users may see a "Searching To avoid or resolve this issue quit and relaunch Lync and GAL searches are functional. Windows note: So make sure these are primarily Mac users that you "flip" on Lync server.

Still need help with this? I have been working with my server guy on our Lync deployment and had the same issue. Also on the Lync server there are different polices for windows clients and mac clients.

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You may want your server guys to look into that. My company end up calling PS from microsoft to come in and fix all the issues including this one. But good old MSFT fixed the issues.

Lync Online and External Contacts | The Cloud Technologist

Are you using outlook on mac? I noticed that on our outlook clients on You may want to look at that as well. But the Office rumours of a April launch has me worried that this update will be bundled with that. Would've been nice. Also ask me are they windows or osx. We also use Lync for mobile and ipads as well. I haven't gotten access yet to the Lync server because he won't give me access maybe because i will pick it up in a hour and make him look like a moron. LOL But what i do know is there are 2 seperate policies being applied. For the windows 7 clients i had to create a GPO policy to hide the first time run options when you first install Lync.

I packaged the windows client via office customization tool then pushed it via SCCM The lync client for mac was very easy, only thing i don't like is i wish that they had a full service pack update for lync on osx side instead of installing 4 updates seperatly. Thanks jcavallino. No problem I know for a fact its a policy related issue via server side. We had that problem in the first part of the deployment, but once the research was done that there are polices to control this it was lifted off my plate: Thanks for the great comments, we too are having this issues with Lync In reading the comments, it does appear that Lync is not creating the two GalContacts files.

So, I looked on my Mac, because I am connected via Kerberos, and have no issues searching for contacts. I have the two Gal files, so I copied them to the affected client, and relaunched Lync, and now I am able to search on the client's Mac. So, my question is, why are these not being automatically created, and secondly, is there any negative issues with using the GalContact files from my computer? They don't appear to contain any personal data. Any idea, why this isn't happening automatically anymore?

From reading through the thread, v The other 'fix' listed in this thread is to change your Lync directory search behaviour for your mac users to use 'WebSearchOnly' mode If you do have a managed Mac environment, and can push logon scripts out to all your Macs, then settings a Mac with OS X I haven't performed a clean install yet, but it looks promising.

Its pulling your contacts from your default mail server so if you using outlook Mac go into outlook preferences and make it your default mail server. Second thing I did was from advice above. Worked like a charm. I am currently on Lync I am operating about 50 Mavericks I ran into this crashing issue, shortly after upgrading to Maverick.

I created a custom DMG that has two scripts utilizing cocaoDialog for receiving technician input.

Lync: Find Contacts MAC 2011

The first creates the system name, host name, etc of which I lovingly used from the forums here that uses dsconfigad the command that joins the system to AD. The second asks for specifics on user ID and email address info specific to the targeted user, installs our corporate certificates, and installs and configures a list of various applications.

As most don't know, "dsconfigad -namspace [forest domain]" handles how the system will create the locally stored mobile profile when logging in to the Mac. Microsoft Office is written in code from Windows, thus it pukes when it tries to access a home folder with a backslash. Since OS X is Unix based, it uses forward slashes to signify folder separations. Here is the blurb straight out of the dsconfigad man page:. By default it is set to "domain" naming which assumes no conflicting user accounts across all domains. Changing this setting on an existing system will cause any existing homes to be unused on the local machine.

The problem was that I had it set to forest, when I created the first of the two scripts, and it slipped through the cracks until we ran into this Lync crashing issue, and also now a rogue issue that one cannot save files in Excel due to the same reason.

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It will now be just like logging into our Windows domain: As for the existing, already upgraded systems: Also, in-place upgrades will use the existing local AD profile folder from Dialog with your fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other.

Join the conversation. Learn more about Jamf. Lync and Mavericks Integration Posted: Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. Until the update arrives, there is a workaround. Lots of fixes listed, but I don't see this one mentioned? The update fixes the following issues: Yes it's that big of a deal.

AlgirdasR wrote: Haven't tested Lync v Also, we I guess online only has some issues when offline? Have you seen any difference. Just curious as to the March date. When the Macs are plugged in to both displays Lync We are seeing this issue as well. Hope the Thanks in advance. Create a new lync policy that allows web search only, apply to AD gourp with your mac users in. So yes, all of the stars must align in order for the Lync client to search for external contacts.

But it does work! Next, download the Offline Address Book. You can check to see if the offline address book was downloaded by checking the timestamps in this directory: OAB files: And here is a screen shot of me searching for the external contact by first name and it returning Jed Hill. Ignore the fact that it says presence unknown, because I picked a fake SIP address for testing. You can force the Outlook client to update more frequently by the methods described in this blog article here:.

The limitations have already been mentioned, but to recap, external contacts will not be searchable within Lync Mobile, Lync for Mac. The work-around for all these scenarios is for each user to type in the full SIP address to communicate with each external contact that is not already pinned or saved as a favorite in their Lync contact list.

Whereas the full Outlook client will show the IM button when responding to an email with an external contact with a SIP address. Lync Online users each have a total of concurrent presence subscriptions. You must be logged in to post a comment. Additionally, mailnickname and targetaddress is required for Azure Active Directory Synchronization to export the object to Office so that it is accessible for the Lync Online users.

For a list of which attributes are synced by DirSync, click here. When the targetaddress field is populated, be sure to pre-pend with SMTP: