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You can also fake what operating system you're running if the site demands You can spoof all versions of Internet Explorer; macOS and.

Is also necessary you connect the? Be specially careful conecting the USB header: Remember, if your motherboard does not have? Audio Theres some considerations about the audio under OSX. The cable will ensure your audio gets routed from the internal port to the front panel, but if the driver you are using doesnt enable the internal HDA port then there will be no audio signal to route. Audio sense function under OSX might need kext patching. Please choose your location for calculate shipping cost.

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Wiring Diagram

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Power Mac G5 Fresh install

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G5 Front Panel to ATX USB, Audio, Firewire, Power Cable

Other Cooling. Hard Disk Cooling Laptop Cooling. The last step was trying to get the front panel controls working. My particular priority is power button, power LED, USB, and A, as this build replaces my recording studio golden build see signature below if you're curious. G5 Front Panel Quick Guide. I didn't want to hijack his concise thread or take things down a rabbit hole with my findings, so I thought I'd start a related thread to share findings, photos, and an updated G5 wiring diagram that I put together.

Most Recent Update

As mentioned in my reply to his original topic, I stumbled across a shelf full of the Silverstone FPB's and also the -S for the silver version at Fry's right before Christmas. This case panel is similar in nature to the Corsair Obsidian panel that chaosdesigns shared with us on eelhead's thread. I'm not sure the price on that one as the Corsair link doesn't seem to be working any more. Here are a few pictures of the unboxing: Like eelhead, I cut off one end of the Apple G5 front panel cable, then separated out all the various wires.

In my experience, there were several of the wires that were heat-shrink'd together, so there was a bit of extra work to carefully extract everything. I also noted that not all the wires connecting into the multi-pin were of the same gauge. So please take care when stripping off the insulation! Not being the electronics whiz kid that I probably should be, it took me a second to realize that I was about to start wiring the harness incorrectly because of the way I was reading the wiring diagram that eelhead so graciously provided.

Clearly user error on my part. I was looking at the bottom side of the Apple multi-pin connector the side that touches the motherboard and going to wire according to the pin assignments as they would be from this view. The wiring diagram pin assignments should be read as if the multi-pin connector was plugged into the motherboard "top-down".

Kustom PCs - G5 Front Panel to ATX USB, Audio, Firewire, Power Cable

Since I really appreciate the "Garanimals" approach to stuff like this, I took the liberty of making some annotations to the wiring diagram originally supplied by eelhead, as well as added some color-coding to help map the insulation color of the various Silverstone cable segments. I strongly suspect this is a "standard" color assignment for most PC case wiring harnesses, too. PDF version as a ZIP file at the end Note that there is some discussion on various G5 front panel wiring threads about the need to double-up the 12v for the As eelhead noted, this is not necessary.

In the picture of my wiring harness below, I've not applied the heat yet, but at least you can see what the end-result will look like: I used some of the single pin molex connectors that I trimmed off the A connector they were "piggy-backed" off the main A mobo connector.

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I carefully removed a couple of the wires from the 4-pin molex for the USB and gave them each their own single-pin connection. The power cable is the blue wire bundle at the bottom of the pic above. Hope this helps, gang!! Happy G5 case modding!! G5 Front Panel Diagram Annotated. Another great post boomr, I always look out for em Just when your about could you give your opinion on this http: Joined Nov 24, Messages Motherboard