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You can also fake what operating system you're running if the site demands You can spoof all versions of Internet Explorer; macOS and.

It's a weird and awkward UI and the app is obviously mis-titled and completely undocumented, but it appears that after years of confusing users with Disk Utility's near worthless Repair Disk Permissions there is indeed an official way to repair a user's Home Folder Permissions. After I used migration assistant to move my accounts to a new system I think the permissions were reset back to the standard.

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So have you been able to resolve the bug? It isn't immediately clear for me. I have been fighting it since I reinstalled Lion which, btw, has been my only and first ever OS X, no Migration or the like, and judging from Google references it dates back to the point on the timeline when the software was rolled out for the first time. My issue emerged once I decided - in the most stupidest move possible - to remove ACLs through an exec I downloaded from GitHub, battling another issue related to Disk Util's ineptitude to repair some permissions, BTW thus rendering FaceTime and iCal alerts notifications unusable.

To restore functionality of both I was left with no choice but to reinstall OS X, which I accomplished via Internet Recovery, on top of existing files and folders i.

Permissions stuck on "Fetching." (El Capitan) : applehelp

I regained the ability to use these apps but didn't take notice of the permission values since everything appeared working fine in every respect and only did recently. Though I doubted about utility of this whole "resetpassword-ACL reset" mantra from the beginning - as I resorted to it once - I though I'd give it a shot and - nothing. I still get this "Fetching…" group, so annoying! So resetting ACLs is not a solution.

Are you saying we need to download "Server admin tools" which this Workgroup manager is bundled with and reset ACLs in the next step? Recently had a similar issue.


Not sure how it occurred.. I was creating a new Admin account and deleted the old one.

At some point the "fetching" bug showed up.. All the files in the folder acted as though "write-protected". I wanted to edit a specific file, so I copied it to my Downloads folder. When I did this and did a "Get Info" on it, the permission was corrected..

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IE NOT "fetching". I copyied the file back to its original location.. Permissions corrected.. Post a Comment.

Reset user account permissions with passwordreset. See the update for how I finally solved this bug. When I look at permissions on some of my Home folder files I see this: In a new user account permissions look like this: One cause of the bug is described by jsd2 in a Apple Discussion thread on the problem: However, it requires a bit more system-administration knowledge.

You can disable file-server types to prevent the potential of multiple instances of the same server appearing as an option. You should no longer see two servers.

Fetching.... File permissions error

If you find that some older Macs can no longer connect to the server, you may need to re-enable AFP, even with the duplicate servers appearing. Email yours to mac macworld. How to set up an external drive as a Time Machine destination for multiple Macs. Jan Miller writes: She also asks: When I open the files on one computer two servers show up with the same info in each. But her request for both is the same: Now the second question, why two servers appear, is easier: